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Betty (Landreth) Doolittle
Betty (Landreth) Doolittle
My Dad first started gathering our family's genealogy. When he passed away, I inherited a box of his discovery which included a bio book and pedigree book on the Doolittles; a set of typed papers showing the Gary genealogy and typed papers showing the Newman genealogy; and some hadwritten pedigree sheets that he had worked on. I took this information and expanded it to where I have the following surnames: Doolittle - England 1490; Gary - Pre-Revolutionary War; Newmans - Pre-Revolutionary War; Gladfelters - Switzerland Pre-Revolutionary War. My aunt, Margaret Horn Gustafson, researched my mother's side of the family. She did this by talking to relatives in Norway and visiting many sites over there. Henry Horn came to this country in about 1903.
Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Can you help?

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